The colour of propaganda

Propaganda has many colours and shades: red, brown, orange, green, blue, and not to mention black and even white. Its main aim is to manipulate the minds of the masses. It uses rhetoric, memorable images (books, children…), concepts that are difficult to argue against (fidelity, honesty, kindness, brotherhood…), the notion of a common destiny and of the ultimate goal, and most importantly a charismatic leader who is capable of enticing, stupefying and getting the people to follow him.

The documents that constitute this unique collection are the concise guide to the methods of propaganda – the recipe for the poisonous potion commonly known as Propaganda. You will find here all the necessary ingredients: the need for order and stability, democracy and demonstration of the “will of the people”, power and greatness, history (the older the better, and it must always be legendary), most definitely a book (though of course, there is only one book- The Book!), and let us not forget the heroes, the martyrs and the spiteful enemies.

The majority of the documents and facts presented in this collection show their main strength as propaganda items and also their greatest danger, the danger of which the creator of this collection – Henri Max Corwin – wanted to warn future generations. When studying the documents within this collection, it is crucial to always remember the terrible lessons of history, the price one must pay for gullibility and for the reluctance to analyse and think.

Luba Sokolovsky