Politicians in the news

Leading men in the Party, in the State and in the Army.

In this album one can see a picture of the historic visit in 1937 that Edward, Duke of Windsor (the ex-king of England ) and his wife paid to Hitler in Obersalzberg. Both parties were very satisfied with the meeting. Afterwards Hitler said: “With this man I could have accomplished a treaty between England and Germany!” British emissaries, such as Anthony Eden and Neville Chamberlain who also visited Hitler in these days, were more reticent in their attitude.

Further photographs are shown of more big shots; all portrayed warlike and decisive: Himmler, the man who organised the SS; Rosenberg, who was able to poison the minds of the ordinary and not so ordinary people. Much attention is given to H. Göring, who was nicknamed: “Fat Hermann”. He was a dandy, loved women, wine and food. and many jokes were told about him (Please see pages 65, 66, 67, 68).

The following typical story was told about him: The SD found out that some good friends of him were Jewish and Göring was told that it was not appropriate to keep these friends. Göring became very angry and shouted to the messenger: “I decide who is a Jew!”

The last man portrayed here is General Erwin Rommel, who played his part in the conspiracy to murder Hitler, and paid it with his life.

In this collection of quotes one can find the unlimited amount of propaganda of Nazi Germany. Hitler and his politics are glorified. His gloating words are usually printed in beautiful Gothic characters on handmade paper or given a look as if carved in stone: a suggestion of eternity is emphasised.

Hitler loved to be looked upon as the successor of Frederic the Great and he often used his words. Other quotes attribute to him a rather divine status.
With all this propaganda the Nazi regime wanted to influence the people to bring large sacrifices. A true German had the duty to give his life for the new Reich that would last 1000 years. Duty was a holy word in those days.
This well-oiled propaganda machine went at full speed. The small “anonymous” (= Goebbels) leaflets; “Parole der Woche”, distributed on a larger scale, all tell venomous tales about the enemy.

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